New mine visit

20 May 2019 01:00 - CEST

The El Soplao mine visit is a via ferrata, whose entire length consists of a mine gallery (Minas de La Florida), unlike the other existing via ferratas.

This visit is 2 kilometres long and begins with a walk of almost 500 metres along the horizontal Ana gallery, taking us to the core of the system of mines (easy, although at some points you need to duck your head).

At this point we leave the Ana gallery and walk 30 metres along the East gallery to embark on the El Soplao Ferrata Minera, which consists of 4 very different sections:

The first part consists of negotiating a 100-metre stretch representing an ascent of 65 metres and accessing the level of the El Soplao Cave. After contemplating part of the cave, we then negotiate another 80-metre slope dropping the 65 metres we have just ascended and returning to the Ana Gallery.

The objective of the second part is to descend to one of the main galleries of the La Florida Mine, Cereceo. To do so, we need to negotiate a 300-metre long scree slope at an approximately incline of 35 degrees, thus descending 150 metres in altitude.

The third part involves crossing the Tibetan or Monkey Bridge, thus negotiating a large well which is more than 60 metres deep.

The fourth part ends by returning to the Ana Gallery. Once we have crossed the bridge and are on the other side of the well, we must ascend a new scree slope of approximately 300 metres long which is very similar to the previous descent: an approximately incline of 35 degrees and a change in altitude of 150 metres.

The visit is not recommended for children. However, the minimum age is set at 16 provided that the child is accompanied by someone with parental responsibility over the child who has signed the relevant document exonerating the company from all liability.

You do not need prior knowledge of speleology or rock climbing, but you must be in good physical condition. Visitors should know that the following are considered risk factors: arrhythmia, angina, a history of heart attacks or heart disease, asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema or illnesses affecting lung capacity, claustrophobia, epilepsy, strokes, balance disorders or vertigo, gait disorders, morbid obesity, insulin-dependent diabetes, uncontrolled high blood pressure, movement disorders, pregnancy, or any other condition complicating the performance of the activity.

We recommend bringing suitable clothing, gloves to protect against abrasions and similar injuries, and a change of clothes. It is important to read carefully the risk section, the information on the visit, the classification of the activity, and the warnings, observations and recommendations.

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