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Tourist Visit


This visit is suitable for all types of visitors

The cave has been adapted for persons with reduced mobility (90% of the route can be made in a wheelchair).

The cave is included in the "Monuments, museums and tourist interest sites accessible to all" catalogue of PREDIF (Spanish State Representative Platform for the Physically Handicapped).

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A typical mine train takes you through the mine tunnel of La Isidra to the cave. Once there, visitors proceed on foot through the tunnels and rooms of La Gorda, Los Fantasmas, Mirador de Lacuerre, Centinelas and Ópera.

The informative introductory talk, the lighting, the colours, the acoustic and musical effects and the atmosphere make this 1-hour visit a memorable experience, in a combination of geological attractions and mining elements, tunnels and industrial mining archaeology.

Children and people requiring wheelchairs must be accompanied

Children aged up to 12 years and people requiring wheelchairs must be accompanied.

Strollers are not allowed

Strollers are not allowed. The company will provide baby backpacks.

comfortable shoes and warm clothing

It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes and warm clothing. The temperature inside the cave is about 12 or 13º C.