Fully accessible tourist visit

Fully accessible
to the entire public

The guided visit lasts 55 minutes

The cave has been adapted for people with limited mobility (the whole route can be completed in a wheelchair).

The cave is included in the guidebooks Monumentos, museos y puntos de interés turístico accesibles para todos (Monuments, museums and places of interest accessible to everyone) and Espacios y actividades en la naturaleza accesibles para todas las personas (Natural spaces and activities accessible to everyone), published by the Representative State Platform for Physically Disabled People (PREDIF).

Route accessible from the entrance to the Cave: Approximately 300 metres long with stretches less than 20 metres long with a 10% gradient (always accompanied by a guide).

Information for visitors in wheelchairs:

Access to the last accessible stretch of the cave requires use of the platform lift.

To make the most of the visiting time, we recommend that there should be no more than 2 wheelchair users per tour group.

The El Soplao Cave provides wheelchairs on loan and Spanish sign language guides

Those needing this support equipment should talk to ticket office staff.

Cave accessibility policy

A recreated mine train takes us through the Isidra gallery to the entrance to the cave.

Once there, we follow a circuit on foot through the galleries and chambers of La Gorda, Los Fantasmas, Mirador de Lacuerre, Centinelas and Ópera.

The explanatory introduction, the lighting, the colours, the sound effects, the music and the atmosphere make this one-hour tour an unforgettable memory.

The geological experience plus the mine: galleries and industrial archaeology.

Walk with caution

The floor along most of the route is non-slip cement, although some zones are in damp condition (water droplets).

Inside the cave there are zones with Tramex flooring comprising a grid of 3 cm squares (we recommend comfortable shoes and NO HIGH HEELS). These routes are fitted with railings or handrails.

The lighting conditions recreate the original environment of the cave or mine you visit, so there are badly-lit zones.

During the route the lighting adjusts to match the progressive darkening of the cave to prevent sudden glare.

Accompanied children and people in wheelchairs

The tourist visit is suitable for children and fully accessible. Children up to the age of 12 and people needing wheelchairs must be accompanied by an adult.

Pushchairs are not permitted

Pushchairs are not permitted: the company provides baby carriers. Those needing this support equipment should talk to ticket office staff.

Wear comfortable shoes and warm clothing

We recommended you wear comfortable shoes (NO HIGH HEELS) and warm clothing. The inside temperature is about 12-14°C and the relative humidity is around 90%.